What's in a name?

What's in a name?

If you ask me, pretty much everything. As a numerologist, I use your name and your date of birth when I create your personal chart. It is a spiritual blueprint of who you are in this life.

Your numerological chart reveals your strengths, weaknesses, best opportunities for growth, soul's purpose, and greatest source of joy, among other things.

Your given name from your birth certificate is used to create your chart.  And the fun begins in looking at your other names, be they an alias, a married name, professional name, pen name, etc.,

Dating back to 500 BC, Pythagorus, aka the Father of Mathematics, demonstrated how each of the primary numbers (1 - 9) represents an aspect of universal energy. Numerologists use this principle to read your chart.  It's the key to peeking into who you are and what you have designed for your life.

So you start out with that birth certificate name, your original blueprint, and then, well, life happens.  You find Mr. or Ms. Right. In the midst of deciding on venues, flowers and cake, you may contemplate a name change.  Do you take your partner's name? Do you keep your birth name? Use it as a middle name?  Hyphenate?   The moment you incorporate the new name into your life, you have taken on the energies that accompany it.

The fun part, for me, is unravelling the story that your soul is telling with bringing in these new energies.  Although your birth chart is still considered your primary expression, the new name adds an important layer.  Does it change your chart significantly?  Does it give you a more complex chart?  Lead you to a more creative or spiritual life?   Is it more work?   More fun?  With each change, your new chart, combined with your original chart, tells a story of what you, as a soul, are trying to accomplish by changing these energies that are so much a part of you.

For example, a woman who has no 6‘s in her birth chart, marries and takes on her husbands name and ends up with a 6 in a primary position in that new chart. Among many other things, 6 is the number of love, relationships, children, and family, so clearly this new relationship is opening the door to that strong 6 experience. For her, it’s almost like having a whole new set of tools to use. She instantly has access to more understanding of that “6” part of her.

Another example would be an artist who perhaps has a 3 (the number of creativity and self-expression) in a weaker position in her birth chart but takes on a married name, or perhaps a professional name, that activates 3 into major importance. That indicates a huge, new commitment to that creative experience.

Now let’s look at this from a whole different viewpoint. Fast forward years after you say “I do.” You no longer think your partner is Mr./Ms. Right-for-you. You are moving in a different direction, so what happens to that name? What happens to the “you” that you’ve become with these numbers that have helped facilitate your married life (or career, if using a professional name).

While changing (or no longer using) a professional name is pretty easy, what happens to that married name? Maybe there are children involved and it just feels better to still share their last name. How do you feel about your ex? Are you comfortable still being the person who shares his/her name (and the energies from the numbers in that name) or do you have some negative emotions about the experience and feel the need to change to something more positive? Right now, in our culture, we are lucky to be able to make a lot of our own rules when it comes to such things.

How do you decide? It is an issue that has come up frequently, and even became a lively discussion recently with friends gathered around my dinner table. One friend is recently divorced, and one is planning a second marriage.

There is no one right answer, everyone gets to choose, and by making that choice, it becomes yet another message from your soul, telling you a bit more about what is being learned through the experience.

I recently read for a woman who was divorced and was contemplating what she should do about her name - continue using her married name, go back to her maiden name, or maybe start using something completely new and different. The wonderful part of her story was that all three of her potential name changes made it very clear to me that she was a strong, powerful woman. Each chart was very different, and told a different story, but each had a strength and intensity that told me that no matter what name she chose to use, she would be a force to be reckoned with. Clearly, her soul was making sure of that! And in her case, there was really no bad choice.

The most amazing aspect of all of this, from my numerological point of view, is that all of these changes happen without direct knowledge of the result of that important life decision. Someone falls in love and takes on their spouse’s name - for many, not much thought to that. They don’t go around looking for someone who’s name is going to bring more 8’s into their chart (for example). Or people think of a name that inspires them and they use that within their professional career. Unless they have their numerologist on speed dial, they usually just pick something that sounds fun or is memorable.

That is the beauty of it all. I think it is sometimes easy to forget how connected we are with our souls and how brilliantly they work with us to communicate our reason for being here. They help guide us all the time towards growth and enlightenment, even using our name as part of our navigational system. 

So, what’s in a name? You and your own sacred geometry.

I did not know a lot about numerology until I met Jamie Birch. She gave me a numerology reading and I was amazed how accurate it was and so relevant to my life. I continue to consult with her and am impressed how everything seems to be right on with what is going on.   Deb Richardson (Rose), US Olympian

Jamie BirchJamie Birch has been a numerologist for over thirty years, giving private readings, teaching, and writing about this fascinating language of numbers.

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