Using astrology to augment feng shui in your home or office.

Using astrology to augment feng shui in your home or office.

If you know your rising sign, you can take advantage of these astrological recommendations for bringing your home and work place into more harmony.


Home: The kitchen needs to feel comfortable and be perfectly functioning.  Hanging on to old appliances that need repair?  Store them in your garage instead of your kitchen or pantry.  If you cook, indulge in what you need to create a great las-minute meal.  If you don't cook, keep your cupboard, refrigerator, pantry or freezer full of nourishing comfort food.  Fill your home with sentimental, inherited, and historical things.  Ocean-colored blues and greens are good for your digestion and family relationships.  Get money coming in with circulating water, such as a water fountain.  Add a couple drops of pure essential oil that make you relax.  And to keep the energy really ideal, space permitting, create a circular driveway

Work Place: A really old building that has withstood the test of time would be great.  Awnings or shade trees protect your taxes.  The design of the office should be classic and dignified and somewhat imposing.  Things should be well-organized in leather covered boxes.  Put all of your richly--matted and framed diplomas and certificates on the walls.  Built-in bookcases lined with the books that bespeak of your education, expertise and and industry gurus also attract success.  More than any other rising sign, you need crystals in your workspace.  Maybe a big geode displayed like a piece of sculpture.  


Home: Whether you have children or not, you need a game or creative play area.  Install window seats where the sun pours in.  Decorate the piano top or the fireplace mantle with big photos of your kids and best friends.  The living room should be playful with lots of color and fun art that is either created by children or mimics kids' art, such as Chagall or Picasso. You do best with a big house with a big entry way, lots of gold touches here and there, and over-sized furniture.  Best colors are those of royalty: gold and deep purple.

Work Place: For you, work should be a place to go to be productive with friends.  And the building should look and be friendly and open.  An asymmetrical building or office would be ideal.  Choose modern furnishings and abstract art.  A view from every window insures a long life for you.  Also, things suspended form the ceilings keep your mind open and creative, such as a modern chandelier or a mobile.  If you add some quirky lamps or light fixtures, you transform potentially chaotic energy into brainstorming.  This is the best rising sign for lots of technology in the workspace itself. 


Home: Neat and clean.  Yes, I know that can be a challenge for Gemini rising, but everything in your life goes better, including your digestion, when you take time to set up a system to keep your home tidy.  You need a space for physical exercise in addition to your gym membership.  If a home gym is out of the question, make sure you have space to do a little yoga, lift hand weights, and stretch.  Never hesitate to hire someone to help you clean and stay organized.  You do best with really wholesome, fresh food and you need your kitchen set up to make juicing and food prep easy.  Install a garden window in your kitchen for herbs or plant herbs within steps of the kitchen door.  Be firm with your co-habitants about your need for a space for your hobbies with its specific storage requirements.  

Work Place: If you work by the ocean, mission accomplished.  If you are land-locked, bring the ocean into your office via an aquarium or interior decor that shouts nautical.  You want ocean-zen as your theme.  Maybe an ocean soundtrack while you are working.  Walls should be aqua, sapphire blue or violet.  Do not work next door to a sushi bar - sliced raw fish is not ocean zen.  Display art that suggests an unlimited perspective, such as underwater or outer space.  You need the principles of feng shui in your office more than the other rising signs.  Think in terms of fluid movement, i.e., traveling easily from one spot to another without having to walk around things.  You also need a sofa or lounger in your office for a spontaneous, rejuvenating nap.


Home: It's all about symmetry.  The right side of the fireplace needs to match the left side of the fireplace.  Symmetry and fresh air.  You need lots of art and it should all be aligned.  More than other rising signs, your home really needs to be attractive and welcoming.  Ideally, set up a bedroom as a permanent guest room that is always guest-ready with its own linens, towels and amenities.  Your home also needs to embrace opposites, such as a light and airy color theme with its opposite shade as the accent.  Good choices for you are sky blue or pale turquoise with sheer peach as the accent.  Or you can just mix a pair of opposite colors and go monochromatic with gray. A nice blend of old and new is also healthful for you, such as a well-integrated mix of technology and antiques.

Work Place: It's best if the building is on the first floor and also first on the block or at least, a stand-alone building.  A red door is good for business.  Decorate with a masculine touch.  Include brick, wrought iron, and lots of angles, such as cubes or stars.  Showcase a well-stocked bookcase of best sellers in business.  Be sure to display any certificates for leadership training you've completed.  And you don't have to restrict red to the front door.  Accent all of your space with it and always opt for red machinery when available, including your computer and devices.   An espresso machine is a must.


Home: Your home should be set back from the street or hidden by a hedge.  A guest house or carriage house would be perfect.  And ideally there is something serpentine about the road, driveway or walkway, i.e., curvy or snakelike.  You need lots of storage and a hiding space.  Storage so that you can hide everything away at a moment's notice and a hiding space where you can go when you don't want to be in the spotlight.  The bathrooms are very important for Leo Rising people.  They must be beautiful, glamorous and dramatic.  Give each bathroom its own seductive personality.  You want to feel beckoned to the bath, shower, sink, and yes, commode, so that you and yours will want to linger in the beauty and sensual delight of the room.  

Work Place: You'll do your best work and make the most money if the environment is posh.  And it should be luxury that appeals to all of the senses: fresh flowers, beautifully upholstered furniture that has great texture and shape, flattering lighting, and sufficient insulation that outside noise is subdued and muffled.  Upholster the walls if necessary.  Thick, soft rugs and heavy velvet drapes add ambience.  If your office has its own lavatory, make sure it has the best toilet tissue and soap.  Be sure to add art and flowers to the bathroom.  Have truffles and pastries on hand for unexpected guests.


Home: Despite Virgo's need for precision, tidiness and detail, your home needs to be big with room to grow.  Of course, you can still make each room easy to clean, but the overall feeling should be one of warmth and worldly culture.  Ideally, your home includes a room or space to serve as a library with lots of books and magazines on philosophy, spirituality, athletics and/or travel.  Hang three paintings depicting horses, giraffe or buffalo roaming freely.  The furnishings should be oversized and exotic.  Display all of the interesting objects you have collected from your travels in groupings, each collection having its own setting.  Designate an area for your treadmill so that nothing stops you from getting a mile or two in before breakfast.  Wheels bring ease, luck, travel and success.  If you are on a stream, add a waterwheel.  Otherwise, consider getting an old wagon wheel for the garden.

Work Place: Set your sights on a location on a busy street with lots of foot traffic, coffee houses, and a newsstand.   Inside, there should be plenty of electronics, computers and sources of information spread out all over the place.  Be sure the coffee table in the waiting room has current gossip magazines.  And speaking of coffee, that is also a very important element.  You need a meeting room or designated area besides your desk to collaborate and drink coffee or tea.  Make your office visually stimulating with pop art.  Even the table should be a conversation piece.  Quirky or tecky pens are your best sales aid.


Home: Libra Rising often inherits the family homestead, which suits you.  Another good choice would be the house on the highest hill.  Even better if it's a mansion with formal gardens.  Something old and stately is best.  The foundation is important for this rising sign.  It must be secure and well-built.  Your home should appear proud, i.e., well-maintained and manicured.  Inside, it should feel like the home of the mayor, governor or president of a small country, i.e., lots of paneling, rich hues, and pictures of you shaking hands with famous people.  The fireplace should be massive and decorated as a main event.  The forest is the perfect inspiration source for your home's decor and palette.  

Work Place: Either work at home or turn your office into your home-away-from-home.  Ditch the conservative desk and filing cabinets.  Do your work at an antique dining room table while sitting in a super-comfy chair that still has the lumbar support you need.  Keep your files in armoires that have been outfitted with hidden drawers on sliders.  Comfort is the key.  Guests can sit in over-stuffed chairs, maybe La-Z-boy loungers!  Have a little antique table nearby so they can easily set down their china tea cup and dessert plate.  Feeding guests brings in the lucrative business, so be sure there are freshly-baked croissants, sandwiches or a cheese platter on hand, plus a tempting selection of teas, juices, and wine.    


Home: You are probably a do-it-yourselfer.  Consider buying an abandoned fire station, airplane hangar, or club house and transforming it into your ideal home while preserving its unique identity.  A co-op or commune would also suit you.  Deep-down, you're a rebel.  You are not going to be happy with the same kind of home you or your spouse grew up in.  Scorpio rising does amazingly well with futuristic, asymmetrical, or at least modern design.  Other important considerations are whether there are lots of windows, sufficient light and room to PARTY DOWN!  Be sure to add some weird lighting.  Of all the rising signs, Scorpio seems to find the deals on the former meth-lab properties.

Work Place: You will be most successful in a building or space that somehow resembles a castle.  It needs to be sunny though, not a dreary sort of castle.  Lots of sunlight filtering into your office.  If that's simply not possible, find ways to create a feeling of royalty.  Maybe your desk chair could be more throne-like rather than ergonomic.  Add lots of mirrors and art with Louis the 14th baroque-style gilded frames.  Install heavy, velvet drapes with fancy, wrought iron hardware.  Murals depicting 17th century French courts would also create the right ambiance as would giant bouquets of big flowers.  Be sure your employees know they are honored in their positions and that all visitors are treated like special guests.  


Home: You want energy to flow from room to room.  Use a color scheme to tie all of your rooms together.  Sag Rising folk do better when a wall or two is wholly or partially eliminated.  Walls made of doors that slide into a pocket in a closet would be perfect.  Bring them out to divide the space; put them away when it's time to party.  Some part of your home should be for music ... either playing or listening.  A salt water aquarium would get you out of thinking and into feeling.  Also help you to meditate.  The bedroom is very important for you.  You need the dreamiest mattress, sheets, pillows and comforter!  A bed you can bliss out in as you drift off.  Blues, greens and aqua.

Work Place: Take time to get systems in place, such as synchronized devices, back-up, filing, your calendar, client or customer date management, bookkeeping, and taxes.  Then, you will be able to get back to thinking and living big.  Navy blue and gray are the best colors for your office decor and everything in your office should emphasize professionalism and attention to detail, because let's face it, that's not your usual strength.  And more than any of the other rising signs, you need to either hire a full or part time assistant or pay a student to come in and keep you organized as soon as it looks like you need it.  If all of this is making you antsy, there is a reward: you get to have an office mascot.  Bring your dog or iguana to work.


Home: If you live in an apartment or condo, it should be on the first floor and preferably the first unit.  If you live in a house, you'll do better if your home is the first one on the block or the most visible house on the street.  You need red at the front of your home, such as your door, mailbox, shutters, or welcome mat.  Craftsman style furniture would suit you best or a style that is similarly boxy, made with care, and extremely practical in design.  Make sure the pathway to your door is clear of obstruction.  Red accents inside are also preferable, especially around the upper third of the room, such as drapery valances.  You will feel better if you learn to drum.  Set up a corner of your home with a drum kit.  Too much noise for neighbors?  Consider an electronic drum kit with mesh heads.  Make sure you have a tool for every job and a set of quality kitchen knives.

Work Place: Stay away from odd-shaped buildings or irregular office spaces.  You want square or rectangular.  The design should be classic, pretty and light.  Opt for sheers to frame the windows over anything heavy.  Horizontal blinds are preferable to vertical.  The environment should convey a laid-back attitude where agreements get signed over pleasant conversation and spa water.  Make sure all of the furniture offers lumbar support.  Display a plaque or embroidered pillow with a quote or saying about fairness in business, such as "I have found no greater satisfaction than achieving success through honest dealing and strict adherence to the view that, for you to gain, those you deal with should gain as well." ~Alan Greenspan


Home: It's all about the garden.  If you have an apartment or townhouse, then create the feeling of a garden inside with floral wallpaper, fabrics and art.  And lots of gorgeous floral arrangements.  If you have a yard, plant herbs, vegetables and flowers.  As you reap the benefits of your farming and gardening, you open yourself to receiving what supports and sustains you from the Universe.  Spend some real money on your home.  You have to have quality craftsmanship and the finest art your budget allows.  As you engage all of the senses in various delights, your home becomes a prosperity magnet.  Don't forget the sense of taste.  Fill the refrigerator and pantry with your favorite gourmet temptations.

Work Place: If your office is in your home, it should be tucked away in the back where no one will bother you.  Your info needs to be kept secret with high security passwords, vaults, and locking filing cabinets.  Eagle images, art, sculptures give you long-range vision into the future.  You need a strong team, but each team member can work at home if having them under the same roof is too much of an interruption.  If you work in an office building, the best space for you is the southwest corner of love and marriage.  Think of it as loving what you do and forming partnerships with other people and businesses.  


Home:  Ideally, you should own two homes or live in a duplex.  Other options would be a detached garage or guest house.  Establish a couple of drawers in your garage and kitchen for gadgets.  You do best with a slightly-cluttered, lived-in environment.  If friends have asked you whether your favorite show is the one about hoarders, disregard that last sentence.  Your nervous system requires a reading nook with a couple of cozy chairs you can sink into, a pole lamp, and collapsable TV trays.  Since you are an actual multi-tasker, you might as well have the big screen TV within view too.  You also need a space where you can easily set up a table for card games, board games and puzzles.  Keeps your mind positively stimulated.

Work Place: A big, tall building would be best for your success, especially if your office has vaulted ceilings.  Your best office tends to be near or associated with birch trees, an orchard, church, temple, courthouse, tourist bureau, casino, equestrian center, university, or sports arena.  Associated can mean an off-shoot, such as fruit trees, shade trees, Christian Science Reading Room, religious bookstore, rabbi's house, judge's house, horses, college annex, or a sportswear shop.  Inside, the decor should be either international or exotic.  Line the shelves with books on philosophy and trees in addition to your industry references.  Accents should be objects d'art from your travels.