Metaphysical healing crystals ... why do crystals and gemstones balance and heal the body?

Metaphysical healing crystals ... why do crystals and gemstones balance and heal the body?

Cultures throughout the world and throughout time have utilized gemstones, minerals and rocks to promote conscious awareness of human beings' true nature and to heal the body by aligning it with the energy of the earth, the solar system and Universal consciousness.

According to the writings of James Churchward regarding the ancient civilization of Lemuria and Edgar Cayce regarding Atlantis, Lemurian's were very aligned with nature and utilized healing crystals, gems and minerals to stay aligned with nature as they grew, changed and evolved. According to James Churchward, the focus on things material became so extreme in Atlantis that it destroyed Lemuria, mostly due to all the mining of the gemstones and minerals that took place in Lemuria. Lemurian's were very spiritual whereas the Atlantean's were very technologically sophisticated. Cayce compares their technology to that of the world today, the United States in particular. There is also a lot of information regarding the use of healing crystals in old records found in Egypt and India.

So, as the story goes, the first being, God, expressed Himself in all possible ways and one of those ways was procreation. God created lots of souls, each of which has free will. Those souls created the diverse physical expression of Earth. As the creative energies settled down, the life forms that hold the principles of mathematical structure took their places as all of the gem and mineral structures of the earth, growing in beds all over our planet. Yes, the gems and minerals are life forms. This is why they grow. And this is why their energies are healing to other life forms.

In the same way that your nervous system dispatches intelligence to all of the cells of your body, the veins of crystals that cover the Earth dispatch pure consciousness throughout the world. Crystals were the first living beings to manifest in the physical plane of the Earth. Although they are moved rather than moving via their own intention, their energy is very pure. Crystals may not be flexible, but it is their innate stability that helps everything else to return to its authentic blueprint.

Crystals communicate through magnetic fields. This is why they can neutralize harmful electromagnetic fields.

This presence of the mineral kingdom stabilized the planet so that plants and human souls could incarnate. According to Alexander G. Cairns-Smith, clay was the first crystal, the first life form, to manifest into the Earth plane.1

Our spiritual natures also crystalize when we incarnate. Our physical bodies are comprised of sacred geometry.

"For the souls' forces to be properly grounded in the physical plane there must be a point of focus. Crystals are this point of focus, being in a constant state of resonancy. This is why they are used as access to higher levels of information; indeed, the true focus and properties of crystalline minerals are to allow for the complete expansion and revelation of that which is considered Divine. They stabilize thy work upon this plane so that ye may be expressive and develop specific activities of biological life The activities of planets which contain no biological life would eventually, when fully explored, be found to be dead of certain crystalline structures."2

The molecules within a crystalline mineral are stable. So stable, that they maintain structural integrity in the presence of disruptive molecular activity. They are solid; hard. When other life forms such as plants, animals and humans have some sort of chaotic molecular activity that weakens their system's integrity and makes them sick, the stability of a crystal and its frequency communicates a vibration that is needed to restore order amongst the chaos. This is why crystals heal.

Everything vibrates. Life is comprised of a system of harmonics. Each harmonic emanates an electrical frequency and is magnetic. Harmonics generate electromagnetic fields. Crystals heal through their vibratory frequency. Each type of mineral or gemstone has its own signature frequency, which corresponds to something anatomical within the human body.

How to use healing crystals:

This website is actually a healing crystals guide. Type the part of your anatomy or condition into the search bar to retrieve the names of the healing crystals and their meanings respective to your need.  For instance, if you have a thyroid concern, type in thyroid in the search bar and when you hit enter, you will be shown more than 100 different items that address the thyroid, such as amethyst, aquamarine, garnet, jade, lapis lazuli, Siberian seraphinite, etc.  

Consider a healing crystals necklace.

A necklace or other piece of healing crystals jewelry makes it convenient for keeping the gemstones you need near your thyroid.  The best healing crystals are the ones you have a strong feeling about.  Almost always, a client will test much more strongly via muscle testing for the healing crystals and gemstones that they were most drawn to.

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2 The Apocalypse of St. John, London, Rudolf Steiner Press, 1977, p. 101-102