Feeling stuck? Mookaite gets your life moo-ving!

Feeling stuck?  Mookaite gets your life moo-ving!

Mookaite comes in a large array of colors that look more like flavors: rich vanilla, toffee, cherry, coffee, and chocolate. 

Mookaite is for people expressing themselves out in the world : radio hosts, Olympic contenders, actors, writers, prize fighters, singers, and musicians. 

Mookaite Jasper attracts fame, authority, success and position as the culmination of a steady focus on what's desired.

If you feel you've been plodding along towards your goal, start handling, wearing, or just carrying around a piece of Mookaite and witness all the right people, situations and events effortlessly fall into place.  Opportunities that demand more of you show up.

Great for artists and other creative types who want to manifest bigger success in the corporate world.

Bestows the ease and resiliance to easily adapt to change, which lowers stress and engenders youthfulness. Also recommended as protection for the brain to avoid Alzheimer's.

Helps the grieving cope with the drastic change of loss and to embrace death as another phase of life that is not the end of the spirit.

Taurus and Capricorn - two signs that tend to work harder than they have to - really benefit from handling and wearing Mookaite.