August 2019 Highlights

August 2019 Highlights

August 2nd. Venus in Leo is going to make a stressful 90 degree angle to Uranus in Taurus, so even though we will be out of retrograde as of August 1st, the 2nd will not be a good day to buy electronics, devices or join a dating site.

August 7th, the Sun will trine Jupiter making it a great date to plan or start a vacation, especially abroad or to take the day off and do what tourists do.

August 8th and 9th, Venus will trine Jupiter and then align (conjoin) with the Sun at 15 degrees Leo.  If you are looking for creative or artistic expression, get up to see the sunrise and let it fill you up energetically.  That will take you through the year.  Also a very romantic couple of days.  Looking to make a love connection?  Be open to someone foreign.

From 2:34 PM to 4:52 PM PDT on Thursday August 8th, both the Moon and Jupiter will be in Sagittarius in the first house making this an incredible time on this date to start something, submit something for publication, launch a website or revisions, plan a trip to revisit a place you've been before or somewhere your ancestors lived, get a horse, start a new sport or training or plant a tree!

August 11th, Jupiter finally comes out of retrograde.  Finally great for teaching or attending workshops, athletics, academic pursuits, foreign travel and publishing.  Even more so if you have the Sun, Moon, Venus or Jupiter at 14 degrees Aries, Leo or Sagittarius.

And on the same day, August 11th, Uranus goes retrograde.  Uranus rules airports, planes, flying, really big birds, helicopters, animation, anything cutting edge, the future, friends, Facebook, UFO's, aliens, lower leg and ankle accidents, astrology, boycotts, broadcasting, crises, detours, disasters, achieving a drug state mentality without drugs, healing without drugs, earthquakes, eccentric individuals, electricity and wiring, electronic music, engineers, unexpected or sudden events, computerized engines, experiments, explosives, faith, freedom, independence, geniuses, hearing aids, internet, LBGTQ, hippies, hurricanes, intruders, miracles, miscarriage, originality, outlaws, panic attacks, passports, politics, radiation, rejection in love, revolutions, riots, Russia, science, shocks to the system, strokes, surprises, television, transformers, tremors, the unexpected, upsets, vibrational medicine, windmills and wizards.  It's retrograde through January 11th, so one or more of these topics is likely to need attention, especially if you have Mars, Uranus or Saturn at 6 degrees in Taurus, Leo, Scorpio or Aquarius.  The key is to let go of past expectations, be present in the moment and proceed with detachment from drama or fear.

August 13th and the 14th, Venus will align with the Sun at 21 degrees Leo making Tuesday night, the 13th, a great date night or evening of live entertainment or two days of amazing creative expression or a nurturing time at a spa getting the royal treatment.

August 15th is a full moon at 22 degrees Aquarius opposite both the Sun and Venus at 22 degrees Leo.  Starts at 4:41 AM PDT.  Stay focused on your goals and step aside from individuals and activities that distract or divert your attention.  

August 16th Mercury makes a stressful 90 degree angle to Uranus.  Back up your hard drive before this date.

August 18th Mars goes into Virgo.  If you were born after sunup and before sundown, take care of details or they will bite you in the butt later.

August 21st, Venus goes into Virgo.  Great results come from putting love and enjoyment into your health regime.  Good time to make your drawers and closes all pretty.  Also good day to tidy up your rose garden.

August 23rd, the Sun goes into Virgo.  So now, through Friday the 13th of September, the Sun, Venus and Mars are all in Virgo making a nice trine (120 degree angle) to Uranus.  Mercury gets there on August 29th.  Go get the electronics you need for work and organize your office.

August 24th Venus aligns with Mars at 3 degrees Virgo, which is great once the sun goes down.  It's a Saturday night and it would make for a perfect evening for a sit-down dinner party with different kinds of people that have something in common to talk about.

August 26th, Venus makes a wonderful trine to Uranus.  Now you can join that dating site.  Or buy a bigger computer screen or television.

August 28th Mars trines Uranus.  Sounds positive because it's a trine, but those two planets can be quite combustible.  Not a day to confront anyone or take risks.  Watch impulses and use caution with strangers.

August 30th is the new moon at 6 degrees Virgo trining Uranus at 6 degrees Taurus.  Mercury, Venus and Mars are in fairly close proximity to the Moon and the Sun, so hooking up with someone you know from work seems very good.  Uranus throws airports and planes into the equation, so notice who is around you if you are flying that day.  Also, a fantastic day to record a podcast or write a blog or write an episode for a TV show or something clever or inspirational on social media.