Banded Orange Calcite

Banded Orange Calcite

Calcite is actually clear or white.  Any color is actually from whatever impurities were present at the time that the crystal calcified.

Calcite meaning: The name Calcite comes from a 19th century German word, Calcit.  That word, Calcit, comes from a Latin word, calx, which comes from the Latin root word, calcis.  Calcis translates as lime; the stone, not the fruit.  Lime is calcium-oxide.  It's the chalk form of Calcite.  John P. Calcite discovered Calcite in 1852

Calcite metaphysical properties: Energetically, it helps kidneys to flush toxins.

Calcite tends to be opaque to translucent, but sometimes transparent.  It has a waxy luster. 

Here's a fun fact: Aragonite changes into calcite at 380–470°C.