Banded Amethyst

All natural - not irradiated, stabilized or dyed.  Brazilian Amethyst that has been sliced and polished so they are smooth like glass.  In this way, you can tuck one in your bra or pocket.  Just the right size for a woman's or child's hand for meditation. 

Amethyst healing properties: Great for issues concerning pituitary, thyroid, thymus, and pancreas.  Balances metabolism.  Dissolves fatty tissue.

Also recommended for left/right brain hemisphere imbalances, i.e., epilepsy, dyslexia, coordination. 

Enhances intuition.  Activates heart and third eye chakras, but also helps with sleep.  Hold just before retiring.

Fantastic crystal.  Amethyst turns into Citrine (golden color) when exposed to heat or light, so keep your amethyst off your window sill to preserve its wonderful puple color.

Also called Chevron Amethyst.