Aragonite meaning: Aragonite crystal is named for the province of Aragon in Spain, close to where it was first discovered, but it is pronounced ah-rag-ah-night.

Aragonite properties: Aragonite is about growth and evolution. It is the material clams and oysters use to create pearls and abalone uses to create mother of pearl. Aragonite breaks down stuck energy patterns, especially around family relationships, and uses the freed energy to build something better and more beautiful.

Hold it over your heart and think of the person that has been a problem for you. Send a message, via your imagination, to that person, stating that you forgive him or her for hurting you. Then ask that individual, again in your mind, to forgive you for any hurt you may have caused. Then forgive yourself for participating in the painful interaction. Ask your Higher Self to let you see how the two of you have been connected in pain. Notice where it stems from on your body and where it connects to on the other person’s body.

Once you see it, send the other person a message that you will be disconnecting from the pain that the two of you have shared. From now on, you will only available to connect through unconditional love. Then imagine disconnecting … for instance, if you saw the two of you connected through a chain, imagine gently twisting the chain out of the location on your body where it has been rooted. You might want to throw your end of the chain into a giant rose in outer space. The rose symbolizes pure love. It will take the energy and neutralize it so that it is available to you again as raw creative energy.

I recommend placing a piece of it on top of a family picture to keep the energy flowing between all the members of your family.