Apophyllite meaning: Apophyllite clears the crown chakra of ego chatter and distraction, which helps you to tune in to higher frequencies.  Like a miniature sacred temple, it insures the safety and purity of your meditations.  Simply hold the crystal and focus on an interior prism to enter the crystal.  Imagine seeing the many prisms of light from within the crystal.

Apophyllite properties: Apophyllite radiates joy and happiness into any space making your day brighter when you keep it by your side. 

You can also use this for psychic development, remote viewing and inter-dimensional travel, but you'll want smaller clusters.  Place one Apophyllite Cluster on your third eye and one on your chest at heart level.  

You can really get things going by adding a Selenite Wand.  Stare into the crystal to open your chakras and then point your wand away from you towards a window or through a doorway.

The crystal cluster brings clarity.  It clears you mentally and frees you from lower vibrational energies and worry.  It also attracts purity and light into your space.

If you find yourself stuck in negativity, use this stone to dispel darkness from your mind and spirit and then use your Selenite Wand and point to an image you want to move towards or simply point up.