Sometimes Angelite is called angel crystal or Blue Anhydrite.  

Angelite stone meaning:

To understand Angelite meaning, it's important to know that Angelite is a type of Anhydrite that is grayish blue.

Andydrite is like gypsum that has no water component.  Before it was dubbed Anhydrite in 1804, it was called muriacite and karstenite.

Angelite properties:

Angelite mineral is great for individuals who suffer from excess empathy and sympathy to the point that they carry the sadness of their family, friends, community and sometimes beyond. 

Surprisingly, it is also an excellent stone for an emotionally mature, somewhat formal person who would do well to assume an important leadership role.

Angelite healing properties: 

Great stone for the bath when healing is needed for the ribs, diaphragm, pylorus and stomach.