Mookaite - Mookite Jasper Polished "Candy" Bracelet for Ingenious Creativity that is also a Commercial Success - Preventative for Alzheimer's - Sustains Youth - Alleviates Grief

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Mookite Jasper Polished "Candy" Bracelet: 38 hand-cut and hand-polished rondelle beads that vary in size, but are typically 9mm round. And not all are round.

Mookaite comes in a large array of colors that look more like flavors: rich vanilla, toffee, cherry, coffee, and chocolate. Simply wear it or hold it. Great for artists or other creative types wanting to manifest bigger success in the corporate world. Also recommended as protection to the brain to avoid Alzheimer's.

It is also bestows the ease and resilience to easily adapt to change, which lowers stress and engenders youthfulness.

Helps the grieving cope with the drastic change of loss and to embrace death as another phase of life that is not the end of the spirit.


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