Healing Stones - Master set of five stones in a silk sari drawstring pouch

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Healing Stones Master Kit.

Aquamarine:  Strengthens the liver, spleen, thyroid and kidneys.

Bloodstone:  Positively impacts the bone marrow, spleen, heart and reproductive organs.

Citron Chrysoprase: Excellent for reproductive system health and easing depression.

Fossilized Algae:  A wonderful grounding stone that gets you centered so that you can be strong.

Rhodochrosite:  Excellent for kidneys, pancreas and spleen.

Fun and effective ritual: You’ll need a blank piece of paper, a pen (with green ink if available), transparent tape, a plain drinking glass (clear glass without decoration or engraving), fresh water, a straw, and the stones above.  

Write the following words on a piece of paper that is the right size to tape onto the water glass: balance, love, peace, harmony, acceptance.  Tape the paper with the written words onto the glass.  

Carefully, lower the stones into the glass.  Now fill it with fresh water and set it in the sun for 20 minutes or so.  Add a straw.  As you sip all of the water, imagine yourself strong, healthy and fit.




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