Black Tourmaline Bracelet - Oval Shape Beads - EMF Protection

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Black Tourmaline Oval Bead Elastic Bracelet: measures 6-1/2" inside circumference.

Black Tourmaline is so great for blocking negative energy and it also blocks radiation from your computer, phone and wireless components when you wear it on your wrist(s).  Strung on two strong elastic threads.  Easy to pop on and off if you just want to wear them at the computer on days that they don't really go with your outfit. 

If you were to wear jewelry to bed, this would be a good choice as Tourmaline enhances sleep.  Strongly reduces electromagnetic frequency (emf).

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Love the size of this bracelet.

Love the larger sizing on this stretch bracelet. Usually they are too tight for me, but this one is perfect. Hilary Kennedy
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